Uncommon Cures for Health IT Marketing Maladies


Suffering from Symptoms of Sluggish Sales?

Many digital health firms are busy working IN their businesses. They fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of bad branding and positioning, a disease that kills sales, revenues, and profits.

Branding and positioning in today’s online world requires new treatment procedures. It no longer makes sense to buy branding and positioning. Today, branding and positioning is EARNED.

Everything you say, everything others say about you and your business, and most important everything you DO matters.


Unsure What Ails Your Market and Message?

Without testing marketing messages with your market, it’s difficult to properly diagnose your sales pain. Testing buyer personas is the scientific marketing approach to getting branding and positioning right and healthy.

Discover the proven process to diagnose a Market and Message disease. Learn how Buyer Story Lines bake marketing into your health IT solutions.



Is Major “Message” Surgery Needed?

Health IT buyers are looking for answers.

From problem identification, to research, to vendor selection, and final purchase, it’s your Story... not talking tech... that drives sales.



Need a Content and Social Media Marketing Prescription?

Feeling good about your content marketing and social media right takes smart up-front strategic thinking.

Plus, a flexible,agile approach and a constant willingness to iterate what works to make it better, and get rid of what isn’t connecting with your potential buyers, is a sign of marketing genius in today’s fast-paced and changing environment.