After testing buyer personas and developing buyer story lines, many health IT firms realize a big problem. Talking about the technology doesn’t inspire buyers to take action. Instead, it fails to reassure buyers of your digital health solutions. Major Story Surgery is needed to correct your marketing message.

Without an interesting, entertaining, compelling story, your marketing message is lost in a sea of noise.

The Buyer Journey: Leading Prospects to Sales

Buyers move through the buying cycle from understanding they have a problem, to research, to identifying a vendor, to purchase. Along this journey, health IT buyers have a variety of information needs, interact with a multitude of resources, and possess various motivations—both from an individual and business perspective.

Story Surgery develops strategies that address the different stages of the health IT buyer journey.

Armed with the buyer personas and an understanding of the health IT buyer journey, a series of user stories, or marketing and communications initiatives, are created. (e.g., digital strategy, websites, content initiatives, social media, media relations, speakers bureau, email marketing, etc.) These user stories are designed to influence buying decisions. They are prioritized with an eye towards greatest impact on sales and must include metrics to evaluate return on investment.

From problem identification, to research, to vendor selection, and final purchase, it’s your Story… not talking tech… that drives sales.

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