Telling your Story requires the right dose of content backed with social media- and even traditional public relations- to maintain healthy sales results.

Yet many health IT firms take the wrong remedies when it comes to content marketing and social media execution. Many health IT firms jump from one tactic to another, always looking for that miracle “feel better now” pill.

Strategic Thinking and an Agile Approach: The Content and Social Media Marketing Prescription

All content and social media marketing efforts must reflect your brand and positioning in the market. Your content and use of social media must connect with your buyer personas at each stage of the buyer journey.

Your digital content- website, blog posts, white papers, videos, webinars, etc.- tells your marketing story. Social media and public relations help to amplify and spread the story.

Getting content marketing and social media right takes smart up-front, strategic thinking. A flexible approach and a constant willingness to iterate what is, and get rid of what isn’t, connecting with your potential buyers is a sign of marketing genius in today’s fast-paced and changing environment.

Learn How to Create “Killer” Marketing Content

Killer Marketing Content is content that knocks your prospects “dead in their tracks” because it’s spot on in talking about their problems and offers the hope of a real solution.


Discover How Social Media Drives More Website Traffic, Generates Leads, and Positions You to Land More Sales

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