Today, cracking the hospital and doctor markets calls for a heavy dose of marketing strategy. Many health IT firms suffer from marketing sickness because their branding and positioning is all wrong.

Stressed out healthcare IT decision makers zealously protect their schedules, not wanting to waste one iota of time meeting with a salesperson who doesn’t add value, opting to go online instead. Today, healthcare IT buyers research solutions to their problems before talking with a salesperson. Recent studies found that nearly 60% of the buying decision takes place before making contact with potential vendors.

So what’s the answer?

The RIGHT branding and positioning.

The RIGHT branding and positioning helps attract high value opportunities, shortens sales cycles and minimizes competitive battles.

It all starts with a deep understanding of your BIG Idea, your WHY. It’s fueled with knowing specifically which healthcare organizations you’d like to land as clients. Then, it’s about being smart and knowing everything possible about the buyer personas in these organizations.

It takes smart, strategic and creative thinking to land the big deals.

Healing a Sick Brand

Many digital health firms are busy working IN their businesses. They fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of brand and positioning disease that kills sales, revenues, and profits.

Branding and positioning in today’s online world requires a different treatment. It no longer makes sense to buy branding and positioning. It must be EARNED. Everything you say, everything others say about you and your business, and most importantly, everything you DO, matters.

Suffering from Sales Pain? Do you have a case of the wrong Branding and Positioning?


Invest 15 minutes of your time on the phone. We’ll help you pinpoint what ails your branding and positioning. You’ll discover how the value of a strong, integrated brand and positioning stops sales pain. You’ll come away with simple prescription Action Steps for immediate sales pain relief.