Specialists in Strategic Branding and Marketing for mHealth, Digital Health, and Enterprise Health IT firms.

Massive and disruptive change is happening right now in the United States healthcare system.

Powerful forces are at work. Costs continue to rise. Revenue models for hospitals and physicians are changing. Quality control is shifting from internal provider standards of excellence to patient engagement and satisfaction. The landscape is shifting to a data-empowered and more aware healthcare consumer. Access to healthcare data across provider, payer, and patient platforms is growing ever more vital.

Firms who provide the data connections for providers, payers, and patients face increasing pressure to respond and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace…

And realize a tremendous opportunity.

Ultimately, there will be those that succeed and those that fail.

We work with firms committed to success.

Modallic specializes in developing brand and market strategies for mHealth, Digital Health, and Health IT firms.

We work with clients to achieve three specific goals:

  1. Align the firm’s leaders, engineers, and staff around a relevant, differentiating, and deliverable brand promise
  2. Engage healthcare systems, physicians, and end healthcare consumers to help them choose our clients over competitors
  3. Educate and inspire potential venture capital sources to fund viable firms.

With a talented team of branding, marketing strategy, and content specialists, we deliver a clear, reliable system for achieving your business growth objectives.